Dear Member,

On June 11, 2015 Grace Period and Dime-A-Day solutions completed Round 5 of its collection distribution.

Since March of this year we have been able to return more than $310,000.00 of “savings” to our membership thanks to the many who repaid their outstanding loans.

Every active member has now received a dollar for dollar return of the funds collected over and above their club commitment and loan repayments. 

While being pleased to report this, we are saddened that in being cut short in operations we are unable to continue the functioning that created these loaned reserves and the discounts that their accumulation provided our membership. 

You may be feeling the pinch of not being granted access to these discounts which became an additional incentive in building your emergency fund.  We deeply regret our inability to recover and distribute more from those members who were unable or unwilling to honor their club commitment.  We hope however; that the experience of successfully following a savings regiment and the creation of an emergency reserve has been empowering enough to lessen that sting.

We have fully distributed our projected collections and as such will be suspending operations on June 12, 2015.

Grace Period’s staff has been blessed to serve you.  It is our prayer and hope that God was glorified in an endeavor to bring common people together to financially help one another pull through some of life’s smaller difficulties.  We thank Allegheny Center Alliance Church for is spiritual and financial commitment to the cause of economic justice over these past seven plus years.  And most of all, we thank you, our Member.

Grace Period / Dime-A-Day Solutions